​​2017 - 2018 Program

At the 2017 Program Planning Meeting, members voted to focus on education with the 2017-2018 Programs. 

Programs will include:

September - Publish Voter Guide

October - Partner with Chamber to host Mayoral Forum

December 5 - Education Options

January 2018 - Program Planning

February 2018 - Funding Education in Ohio

March 2018 - Comparison of Public and Private Schools

Update on Fair Districts

April 2018

In addition to presenting programs on the above education topics the LWV of the Lima Area will be involved in collecting signatures on petitions to put an issue on the ballot in November 2018 to ensure fair districts for the US Congress similar to the one passed by Ohio Voters for fair districts for the Ohio House and Senate. This initiative would create a nonpartisan commission to draw districts maps every 10 years after the census.  The next district maps will be drawn in 2021. Fair district maps will allow the voters to select their representatives instead of the candidates selecting their voters by gerrymandering the district maps.

Mark your calendar and don't miss any of the 2019 Programs!

The 2017-2018 Meetings are listed in the column to your right; check them out and plan to attend!

Did you miss these great 2016-2018 Programs?                      Chairperson(s):

September 2016          Gun violence and Control                                    Jane Myers and Chuck Wolfe
October 2016               Voter Guide and Candidates Forums                                           Linda Morrow
January 2017                Program Planning                                                                              Sue Ann Shaw
February 2017              Agriculture in the 21st Century                                                        Beth Seibert
March 2017                   Exploring Recycling                                     Linda Morrow and Shannon Quinn
April 2017                      STEM Education                                                Sue Ann Shaw and Jo Derryberry
May 2017                       Annual Meeting                                                                                    Millie Hughes


The Board of Directors may approve periodic meetings throughout the year as timely issues arise. The annual meeting is held in late April or early May to review the year and elect new board members.  Announcements regarding programs will be posted on the front page of this website.

The League of Women Voters never supports candidates (individual members can if they don't hold key positions on the board), but the League DOES support issues after they have been thoroughly studied.  Locally, we have studied and support "recycling at the source."  We have participated in state and national studies.  To learn more about the study process, visit the state league program site.

Local programs for the upcoming year are decided upon at a program planning meeting, usually in January.  The National LWV holds a convention in June of even numbered years and the State LWV holds a convention in odd numbered years.  The LWV of the Lima Area makes recommendations to state and national leagues on issues to discuss at the conventions.