The League of Women Voters of the Lima Area and the American Association of University Women hosted a forum on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education on April 18.  STEM is a fun, hands-on learning environment designed to spark student innovation.   Linda Haycock, 1st District Board of Education Member, summarized STEM and Laurie Laird, Ohio Northern University and Dr. Swathi Mohan of The Ohio State University in Lima shared ways the universities  are training teachers to use STEM and how their outreach to students was generating an interest in STEM among students in the area.
At the annual meeting on May 23, the Board will recommend a program for 2017-2018 that deals exclusively with education.  Topics will include Alternative Education, Charter Schools, online schools, and funding of education. 



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After years of hard work by the League of Women Voters and other groups throughout the state, the REDISTRICTING ISSUE PASSED in the state of Ohio.  In 2021  A nonpartisan commission will be able to draw district lines to eliminate partisan gerrymandering

The LWV is a founding member of the   Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio Ballot Committee, comprised of Carrie Davis of the League of Women Voters of Ohio, Catherine Turcer of Common Cause Ohio and Heather Taylor- Miesle of the Ohio Environmental Council. Petitions are available for a ballot initiative so we can join the next challenge of extending this fair redistricting to the US congress.  Want to make Fair Districts a reality?

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Membership in the LWV of the Lima Area is open to both women and men of voting age.  To join contact Shannon Quinn, Membership Chair at

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