Membership in the LWV of the Lima Area is open to both women and men of voting age.  To join contact Shannon Quinn, Membership Chair at

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The mission of the LWV of the Lima Area is to provide nonpartisan voter education to our members and the community.  This effort is funded through the generosity of local businesses, industries and individuals. Please help our mission, by sending a check payable to The LWV of the Lima Area, to LWV Treasurer, 1190 Brentlinger Road, Harrod, OH 45850
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The League of Women Voters of the Lima Area and the American Association of University Women hosted a forum on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education on April 18.  STEM is a fun, hands-on learning environment designed to spark student innovation.   Linda Haycock, 1st District Board of Education Member, summarized STEM and Laurie Laird, Ohio Northern University and Dr. Swathi Mohan of The Ohio State University in Lima shared ways the universities  are training teachers to use STEM and how their outreach to students was generating an interest in STEM among students in the area.






November 2018 Voter Guide

Printed copies available at Library and public offices

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Voters need to bring appropriate IDs to vote at the polls on Election Day. Click here to see the list of IDs that

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LWV OHIO stance on Issue 1 in the

November 2018 General Election

 LWV Ohio has a long-standing position that the Ohio Constitution should be a "clearly stated body of fundamental principles," and we have opposed other initiative amendments on the basis of that position.  The LWV Ohio supports the goals of reforming drug sentencing and improving treatment alternatives, but remains neutral on Issue 1 because we do not believe those goals are best achieved by amending the Constitution. Additionally, the directives contained in Issue 1 are too specific, and the implementation of those directives could lead to unintended negative consequences.



After years of hard work by the League of Women Voters and other groups, fair districts is a reality in the state of Ohio both at the state level and the national level.   New maps will be drawn after the 2020 census. Thank you for your vote on Issue One in May that made fair districts a reality.

Click HERE for a 3 minute video explaining why fair districts equals fair elections!



 Please join us and help us carry on our important work!  Membership in the LWV of the Lima Area is open to both women and men of voting age.  To join contact Shannon Quinn, Membership Chair at

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